Kamis, 29 September 2016

The Most Desirable Feature Of Smartphone Users, What Is It?

Smartphone with battery-saving apparently is most needed by smartphone users.

It is based on the results of a survey conducted by YouGov survey agencies. Such as Tekno Liputan6.com quotation from ZDNet, Wednesday (28/9/2016), apparently the main smartphone user needs is not the headphone jack is removed like on the iPhone.

ZDNet uncover, based on a survey conducted in adults in the United States, 73 percent of smartphone users are not interested in buying Smartphones that eliminates its headphone jack.

The respondents also want a smartphone with the battery life is longer. This is proven by 46 percent of respondents who answered the cell phone they wish the battery more durable.

While the other 21 percent would like to buy a smartphone that has a strong screen. The respondents who want a waterproof smartphones percentage is also less, i.e. 15 per cent.

As for those who want the best camera was only 12 percent overall compared to the respondents.

Results of the survey that the majority of smartphone users want a smartphone with a battery save (source: ZDNet/YouGov)
On Android market, many companies pembesut smartphone that has similar products. Thus, a battery-saving feature smartphones could be one of the pembedanya.

ZDNet mentions, it's likely the thing that makes the Samsung being successful. For example, the presence of Active Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 Edge each have a battery endurance up to 21 hours and 19 minutes.

In CNET'S test results also revealed that the Asus ZenFone Max as well as the Motorola Z Play also have battery performance that is very durable.

Call it the Max ZenFone arguably quite different compared to other smartphones because carrying capacity 5000mAh. Then, Motorola Z Play also has a battery endurance up to 50 hours.

Due to the need for a battery that save money, recently affordable mobile phone manufacturers from China Oukitel K10000 announced a device with battery capacity 10000mAh. The Smartphone is claimed to have the battery performance of up to 10 days.

7 surprising facts cell phone problem

The presence of a cell phone--or familiar is called a cell phone--has brought a lot of changes in lifestyle and human life in the world.

Moreover, the sophistication of the technology has made mobile a smart device with a series of useful features.

Smart phones in the past has now become an object that will not be able to escape from the person. His blessing, we can communicate via telephone or message, search for information, and doing many other things.

Behind the presence of advanced mobile phones, there are a few interesting facts that happened in the past and present. To that end, a team of Techno Liputan6.com as quoted from Tech Crunch will mengulasnya for you.

1. Motorola Dyna, the first phone in the world

You know, the world's first mobile phone was the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X created Motorola's senior employees, Martin Cooper, in 1983.

This phone contains 30 contact with time to talk (talk time) 30 minutes. Price US $ 3,999 dibanderol Dyna then.

The Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X
2. Guess who the inventor of the Smartphone?

Not an Apple or Google, but IBM. Yes, the original United States technology companies released their first smartphone on August 16, 1994.

Simon Personal Communicator was the first commercial mobile phone features a touch screen.

Screen Simon Personal Communicator can work with the aid of a stylus or fingertip. In it there is also a calendar, a contact book, calculator, and notepad.
Apple vs Android

3. the iPhone Sold 37.04 Million in 2012

Apple managed to sell the iPhone as much as 37.04 million in 2012 in just 2 weeks! The it equivalent of 262 iPhone sold out in a minute or 1 iPhone per second.

4. The price of the iPhone's most Accomplished hundreds of billions

Still surrounding the iPhone, Apple presents iPhone 5 that is touted as the most expensive phone in the world in 2012. Reasonable because this iPhone diamond studded black 26 Carat on the side bodywork of this smartphone.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond
5. Android Ahold 80 percent of the World Market

Nobody doubted Apple as pembesut-art phones, iPhone. But behind it, the iPhone was not dominating the smartphone market in the world. According to comScore, Android master 82.8 percent smartphone market globally.
Mobile Phone Bills and Antiair

6. Mobile phones Japan-made Antiair

It turns out that nearly 90 percent of Japan-made phones have features of water (waterproof). This is so because the average person fond of Japan brought his cellphone while bathing.

Waterproof mobile phone illustration. (Doc: CNET)
7. Make a cell phone Bill Shock

This experienced Celina Aarons very knowing her cell phone bill to reach US $ 201,000 in 2011.

Apparently, this Bill because his younger brother sends 2,000 text messages and downloading video paid that cost US $ 2,000 per video while on vacation to Canada.

Plus more, younger brother Aarons could not hear and talk. To communicate, they must send a message via your mobile phone.

Ask A Clear ACT Of Tax Amnesty, Thousands Of Workers Head To The Building Of CONSTITUTIONAL COURT

Thousands of workers came to the building of the Constitutional Court (MK), on the streets of Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta. At a rally this time, labour slipped a Tax Amnesty ACT of rejection issues.

Radar Liputan6.com, Thursday (29/9/1999), the workers are demanding the COURT invalidate the Tax Amnesty ACT. They are indeed not long ago filed a judicial review or the review of the ACT a Tax Amnesty to MK.

Labour rate, a Tax Amnesty LAW does not give justice to the society. The Government thus giving forgiveness for the pengemplang tax. While small, the community is required to continue to pay taxes.

Meanwhile, hundreds of police and soldiers of the INDONESIAN ARMY personnel stationed to secure the building Unit Brimob Members MK. Polda Metro Jaya and the TNI air defense Fleet unity AD already stationed.

In addition to the hundreds of officers of the combined labor demo at the building, the COURT also welcomed the tactical vehicle, Barracuda and Water Canon. The second vehicle was not parked in front of the COURT Building, but the gate to the left.

A rally in the building of the COURT was also not done in a long time. The lapse of about 30 minutes, thousands of workers moving to the front of the Presidential Palace to continue their action.