Kamis, 29 September 2016

Ask A Clear ACT Of Tax Amnesty, Thousands Of Workers Head To The Building Of CONSTITUTIONAL COURT

Thousands of workers came to the building of the Constitutional Court (MK), on the streets of Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta. At a rally this time, labour slipped a Tax Amnesty ACT of rejection issues.

Radar Liputan6.com, Thursday (29/9/1999), the workers are demanding the COURT invalidate the Tax Amnesty ACT. They are indeed not long ago filed a judicial review or the review of the ACT a Tax Amnesty to MK.

Labour rate, a Tax Amnesty LAW does not give justice to the society. The Government thus giving forgiveness for the pengemplang tax. While small, the community is required to continue to pay taxes.

Meanwhile, hundreds of police and soldiers of the INDONESIAN ARMY personnel stationed to secure the building Unit Brimob Members MK. Polda Metro Jaya and the TNI air defense Fleet unity AD already stationed.

In addition to the hundreds of officers of the combined labor demo at the building, the COURT also welcomed the tactical vehicle, Barracuda and Water Canon. The second vehicle was not parked in front of the COURT Building, but the gate to the left.

A rally in the building of the COURT was also not done in a long time. The lapse of about 30 minutes, thousands of workers moving to the front of the Presidential Palace to continue their action.